André Lebrun

Of Counsel

Member of the Brussels Bar
T: +32 475 69 11 56

André Lebrun holds a law degree from the Université Catholique de Louvain (1989) and a special master in European law (ULB 1991).

After more than 25 years within the Union Wallonne des Entreprises – where he headed the « Environment, Planning and Zoning, Energy and Mobility » department – André joined Industrious in 2020.

As a strong advocate of free enterprise in the City, a follower of the multidisciplinary approach required by environmental issues, André participated in the development and application of Walloon environmental law. He also played an important role in the conclusion of the CO2/Energy branch agreements. André has been part of numerous councils and advisory committees, including the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Wallonia (CESE Wallonia), the Walloon Environmental Council for Sustainable Development (CWEDD) and the Appeal Commission for the Right of Access to Environmental Information (CRAIE).

Hence, André has a rich experience of the institutional apparatus of Belgium and its Regions.

As an expert in the interactions between the different actors of sustainable development, André helps the companies and professional federations that Industrious assists. In particular André has great experience in the follow-up of legislative or regulatory projects and in permit application procedures.

Practice areas

  • Environment
  • Energy


  • French

Key publications

  • Audit d’environnement et comptes annuels, Mémento 2001, Ced.samsom, Brussels, 2001, 346 pages (co-author).
  • Le nouveau permis d’environnement, Kluwer, Brussels, 1993 (co-author).

Recent Conferences

  • « Articulation du cadre légal et droits fondamentaux » (EPM Academy – Cycle Environnement, Ghlin, March 2019).
  • « Business and Biodiversity” (SPF Environnement – Brussels, March 2019, panel).
  • « Le nouveau décret sols wallon : Quels changements ? » (Cellule Environnement – Beez, June 2018, presidency).
  • « Le Code de développement territorial : un outil de développement et d’attractivité économiques » (UWE – Beez, 2017, presidency).

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